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Box generator

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For my final outcome Im going to be in the need of a whole bunch of small boxes in different sizes. Normally I would attack this with Sketchup and draw each of them out but since I might need 10+ boxes that would take to much time. So I sat down and wrote together an application that I have been thinking of doing for 1,5 years. A box generator that creates all the tabs with the correct material thickness and so on. If you want to try it out it can be found at here. Be aware though that it hasn’t been tested in real life yet with a laser but as it is now it seems to fit when putting the pieces together in Illustrator…

* Update* I have now cut 10+ boxes and it works nicely with different kinds of material and sizes. I need to add a press fit option but that will be a later addon. Now I will just stick to superglue and woodglue.


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August 21, 2010 at 14:56

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Eagle second day

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Today has been the continuation of the work that started yesterday. I have constructed two boards, the FM radio and the test pattern.

The outcome of the test pattern is that it is pretty okay to use traces down to about 0.4mm (15 mil) but below that it becomes a bit to small for the laser. It is preferable as always to use a bit thicker traces if possible but now I have a good understanding what is doable and what I can work with. The power I used in the laser to cut away the paint was to choose granite in the material selection and then add 50% power to the engrave. This gave me a bit long engraving time (time to cut away the paint) but it also gave me a better and more clearer result. The FM radio shield which is 57×46 mm took 13 minutes and the test pattern which is 55x49mm took 10min 30 sec which gives you a rough estimate of the time.

For the FM radio shield I constructed an Instructable which can be found here.  I had to move the headphone jack a couple of mm so that it didnt collide with the Atmega or the ICSP header on the Arduino but otherwise it sounds good. Might want to add an amplifier to be able to use it in the radio.

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July 20, 2010 at 20:42

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