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During the last week 1scale1 have been organizing a children workshop in collaboration with Stapelbäddsparken . The theme was robots and we invited children in the age of 10-14 from local schools to participate. During three evenings the children came to learn to program their robots through a set of playful exercises such as getting the robots to dance, race through a maze or sing songs. This was done using a robot platform from Pololu which we at 1scale1 rewrote the libraries for to better fit the age group and the knowledge. The library will be published as opensource and free to use as anyone wish and I will link to it as soon as it is done. The importance of this became very apparent at the end of the workshop where many parents asked where  to buy this robots since they were planing this as Christmas gift since the kids had put it on the top of their lists. The workshop ended with a big exhibition at Gustav Adolf square in Skånetrafikens old building which they gratefully lent for the duration of the exhibition that will run between 24th-28th December. During the opening day the place was packed with 100+ visitors during the first hour and it was a great atmosphere of beeping robots and laughing kids.

The overlaying goal of this workshop was to  encourage and spark interest in kids for the fields of technology which is very important in Sweden since there is a big projected lack of engineers in this area. A thing  we were discussing  a bit during the workshop between us organizing is the problem of measuring the impact and evaluate the effect of this kind of workshops. The potential visible and  measurable effect is 10-15 years away and we dont have the resources to track it and if it fails we would have have spent 10-15 years doing things for no gain. This is a hard thing to realize and what we concluded was that the only thing we as a small company could do is to use our previous experience of teaching at the university which we together has 20+ years  and try to adopt this to the age group. We had also invited a person that did interviews with all the participants  during the workshop which we are eagerly waiting the response to know what the kids was thinking. The teaser he gave us was that it was very good insights the kids had given which will be valuable for the following work of creating Stapelbäddsparken as a center for new culture and knowledge. Guess just have to wait and see.

Below you can find a short clip from the opening.


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November 25, 2010 at 12:10

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