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A while ago I was invited to ITU in Copenhagen to host a series of introductory lectures to arduino and physical computing. The end of this lecture series happened  to correlate with Kulturnatten and I thought that I should put together something to show at this venue. The end result after an afternoon of playing around was this soundgenerator/midi instrument which I named Breathing Sounds. Basically the idea was to take the different tinker kit sensors that we had been using during the workshop and use them to generate sound. To add some more visual appeal I decided that each sound was represented on screen by a box floating through 3d space slowly fadding out. The reason for boxes is because ITU has some very prominent architechture details in its building with big boxes protruding out from the walls.

You can find the source code at openprocessing in a slightly modified versions since it dosnt support the serial connection needed to connect up with arduino.


Written by sjunnesson

October 28, 2010 at 17:09

Posted in Processing

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