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So today has been prep day for the continuation of testing and developing a couple of circuits to test user behavior with. Today the focus has been to create a small FM radio shield for the arduino with an AR1010 FM module, a small LiPo battery charger to charge over either USB or walwart using the MAX1555 IC (yes u can buy them but Im on a tight budget and this is more fun) and I have also built a very simple test to get a good idea on the precision of the process Im using with the laser cutter so that I know how small traces I can use in my more final designs. All three explorations can be found below both in png format that will be used tomorrow for the laser and the eagle files ready for modification. Hopefully I will be able to report in tomorrow if the designs work or not. The idea is to generate a couple of Instructables in the end to give back knowledge to the community and build upon my ideas on sustainability.

FM radio shield

LiPo charger

Laser test


Written by sjunnesson

July 20, 2010 at 00:14

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