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First prototype eagle files

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I have a long time had a urge to start prototyping and testing things out and today I decided it was time for it. You can only learn so much from reading books and studying other peoples test and to break new ground you have to do your own test. The first prototype will be a touch slider built upon the arduino platform as an shield that will attach on top of it. I have built the prototype in eagle and you can find the eagle files here if you are interested to modify and build upon it and I’m also attaching below the exported pictures from eagle I will use for the laser cutter and the schematic.

The idea is that I will take  this files that I get out from eagle and then using the lasercutter to etch away a layer of spray paint applied to a copper protoboard and then put the whole board into etching acids to get rid of the unwanted copper and hopefully in the end finish with a onesided arduino shield that will fit nicely on top of an arduino duemilanove. I have made all my components surface mounted so that I can easily baked them in a toaster over if I so desire. Since it is so few components I might decide to hand solder them will see how it turns out.


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July 13, 2010 at 17:39

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