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Milestone 2

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So today was the time for deliverable number two in my thesis. It basically is supposed to mark the change between deskresearch and trying to define an area and start to moving into that area and do some more prototyping and more deeper research. I have framed my research as this

How can we design objects, intangible and tangible, that takes benefit of the inevitable use of the objects in a positive way? Objects that grows and adopts with the user and its use and let them get a more unique and story rich experience as they explore and interact with the objects.

If you want to read more here is the full milestone deliverable


Written by sjunnesson

June 7, 2010 at 12:55

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  1. Hey David –
    Reading through the milestone doc, I’m thinking again that answering ‘who’ and ‘why’ could frame a very interesting challenge.

    Does someone want to see an object with history because it gives them practical info (like a lipstick mark on a coffe cup says ‘this is my cup, or not my cup’). Or is having an object with history more about demonstrating your experience, impressing the right social circle (e.g. jeans worn just the right amount, sports equipment that shows it’s been used…).

    There could be a lot of motivations – I think that doing a quick framework of the types of motivations out there, you could zero in on one. You might even use a framework to brainstorm about design interventions, and see where the overlap is between desirable and feasible.

    Once you’ve got ‘desirable’ and ‘feasible’ down – then a third step would be to consider what institution / producer would have an interest in realizing your idea. Once you get there, then I think you’ve got a great foundation for proposing a design solution.

    Gitte Jonsdatter

    July 1, 2010 at 15:01

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