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“Urban Analysis” by Gerrit Schwalbach

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I just finished reading through Gerrit Schwalbach book “Urban Analysis” that I borrowed from Mayo Nissen here at CIID.

The book is a introduction to how to conduct urban analysis and the whole book is very practical laid out with good suggestions and very hands on. It is pretty clear that this is a book written for students just starting out studying urban structures and want to learn how to analyse it. Large part of the book is  very practical with tips on where to get hold of maps and at what scale and such. That said it has some good thoughts especially in the beginning of the book where he talks about how differently different persons perceive the city and it always in the context on what that person expect to see that the persons experience it. Also some  notes on the sensorial experience a person have and how persons  filters through different kind of sensor experiences to take the one that is most appropriate. Just some good thoughts to have in the back of my head  when I start to think on what kind of traces I would like to focus on and what kind of senses that is used to perceive that trace. Maybe could be nice to break some patterns or enhance and concentrate on one specific sensorial input and overload that one.  Still random thoughts and trying to fill my brain with ideas and thoughts to find my way through this area.

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Written by sjunnesson

June 1, 2010 at 11:55

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