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Meeting 1

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Last week I had my first talk with my tutor Gitte Jonsdatter. Her background is heavily in user research with working both at IDEO and at ReD associtates so Im very pleased with getting her. It is going to be interesting to see her views on how to approach this topic and to discuss further possibilities.

My first meeting with her was very wide and opening. I just basically rambled out my random thoughts and then she tried to make any sense in them to understand in what direction I tried to be heading. It is hard to try to choose a topic that is big enough to be interesting and small enough to be doable. Below is some random words and thoughts that I shared with her and that we discussed

Desire paths

Traces in material

Traces is good  and interesting

Traces tells stories about how an object has been used and can/should be used

Touching through an material

RFID and touchsensors

Bring in the users to let them tell the stories of the objects/space

Traces in the city navigates us around

Ask a person to describe a place and what has happened there according to the visual traces presents

The feeling of someone has been in a your apartment when entering

Your spouse leaves traces

The thesis as a possibility to not be business oriented

Luffartecken (hobo markings)

As said it is very much random and I’m still trying to find a red path through it to find that interesting seed to explore. I think  Im heading  in some direction and if that is the correct one Im not sure but it feels nice to start. I have been way to lazy now in the begining or at least prioritizing other things over my thesis which will not stand up in the long run. Need to start to get down and do things. To keep myself sane during this thesis I have dedicated one day a week to do some hands on things and document it. Will probably be Fridays since we usually have the 1scale1 meeting then and I can be in the studio and do my things. The experiments will probably be about small touch applications and touching through material in different kinds of ways. Will see

My upcoming week plan is as this

Monday: Desk research of documented traces, hobo marking and so on.

Tuesday: Contiunation of Monday

Wednsday:  Possible exploration with Ink

Thursday:Field study, traces in the city

Friday: Experiment day


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May 3, 2010 at 15:03

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