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L’heure d’été (Summer hours)

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This is a movie about the value of objects. How do we measure the value of the deceased mothers desktop or her favourite paintings? Should the economics come in first hand or the emotional value? Which memories is worth keeping and will be cherished in the future? What is our role today to pass on the history to our children? Should our children have to appreciate the history of a uncle they have never met? As RottenTomatoes say

With SUMMER HOURS, Assayas has delivered an understated motion picture about the importance of objects as historical artifacts and family heirlooms, and how time renders these objects obsolete


I think this movie has many parallels to my what I’m thinking about in my thesis. How is today’s objects designed to be able to tell stories for the future? What will I hand on to my grandchildren when that time comes? Will I appreciate my objects I use  today for so long that I have anything to give them from my time growing up? What stories will these objects be able to tell? Will they be pristine and perfect or will they be used and have stories embedded in them? Will anyone care of my objects I use today and what values are in them if they cant be connected back to me? How does mass production affect the history of objects?

This is my philosophy I try to live by when coming to object:

The story behind the object is the interesting not the object in itself. An object locked in a exhibition has no life it is meant to be used and abused. Put flowers in the design wase and use the design cabinet to store cleaning utensils if the room is needed. Use the desktop everyday so that it creates patina and so that you can enjoy the design not just look at it through a glass case. Don’t care about the value care about  its emotional properties. Don’t be afraid of using the nice china on a Monday afternoon. It will only lighten your day up and you never know what happening tomorrow.


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April 28, 2010 at 16:03

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